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Machine AXIOME pour client GRUAU
Constructeur-Carrossier de renommée européenne, GRUAU a retenu l’intégrateur AXIOME pour la fourniture du robot indispensable à l’atteinte du capacitaire d’un marché très important pour le compte d’un constructeur automobile.
Magazine Eurotec
Pioneer in Europe for high-pressure water jet cutting technology, AXIOME has been designing and manufacturing robotic machines for cutting and deburring for 30 years.
Journal Ouest France
Spécialiste des fluides et de la tuyauterie industrielle inox, elle injecte 650 000€ dans un robot révolutionnaire unique en France.
L'innovation de bretagne
Siétar & Vti invests 650 000€ in a unique solution in France for tube cutting. This machine was developed in collaboration with AXIOME (Vendée-region); there is no equivalent in France and this new solution will enable Siétar & Vti to meet the cutting needs of many sectors.
Journal Ouest France
The company, which is a specialist in the integration of robots for cutting machines, has set up in the La Blussière business area.
Magazine TraMetal, industrie et découpe
This cell is the result of a successful collaboration between ABB France Activité Robotique and the integrator AXIOME.
Magazine API
AXIOME, specialised in robotised machine got new premises - office and workshop - in Aizenay, Vendée 85. It is a project that was thought to develop new projects, work on R&D and collaborate with new clients.
Le Journal des Entreprises
ROBOTIC – The manufacturer and integrator of robot is moving this summer on a new location in Aizenay.
Le journal du pays yonnais
Axiome is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of precision robotic machines, and has made a name for itself throughout the world.
Magazine l'usine nouvelle
We are completing the development of a machine that mixes the cutting processes -milling and abrasive water jet- of composites and uses 4 synchronized robots.
Magazine industrie et technologie
A new robotic machine with 4 robots and combined processes: milling, cutting, drilling and water jet.
Magazine répertoire de la machine outil
AXIOME has developed a milling solution based on the use of an ABB IRB 6640 robot with an external axis that drives a large turntable.