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AXIOME operaTES in many sectors of activities

Our mission

  • Offer manufacturers adapted automation solutions, allowing them to improve productivity and quality.
  • Support our clients in their innovation and continuous improvement initiatives, in co-development.

our vision

  • To be a benchmark international player in the industrial automation of cutting, surface treatment and control processes.

Find the machine that suits your business

AXIOME designs and manufactures a wide range of robotic cells. Our machines can be adapted to your needs in terms of cost, design, and productivity. The different processes that our machines integrate are reliable and adaptable. It allows you to strengthen your competitive advantage, while guaranteeing an optimal ratio between productivity and production costs. 

Robotic machines made by experts

Robotic Process 

Présentation de l'entreprise AXIOME avec Proxinnov


AXIOME has a robotic workshops to carry out tests, validations and small productions. The robotic test centre includes two robotic water jet cutting cells, a machining cell and a deburring cells.



AXIOME will be present at the various composite exhibitions:

- JEC World 2022

- Robot 4 Manufacturing 2022

- SAMPE 2022


Reactive customer support, always available

We remain at your disposal to support your company during the life cycle of your machine through various customer services such as maintenance, training and spare parts. To get more information about our solutions and services or to discover our product offer, do not wait any longer and contact us directly via our form. Our sales team will study your project with the greatest interest and will come back to you quickly to provide you with the solution best suited to your needs.


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Client AXIOME Faurecia

Client AXIOME IRT Jules Verne

Client AXIOME Inteva

Client AXIOME Polytec

Client AXIOME Hutchinson

Client AXIOME Patek Philippe

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Client AXIOME Borgwarner

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Client AXIOME Flex n Gate


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