AXIOME water-jet cutting of food products


AXIOME water-jet cutting of food products


Robotic solutions in the food industry

A water jet cutting that respects your products

  • Use of small diameter nozzles, combined with a very high cutting speed
  • Avoids humidification of the products

A cutting adapted to your needs 

Water jet technology provides great flexibility of use in the food industry, since the water jet can cut a very wide variety of products and textures. The very high production rate enables the introduction of robotization in this sector.

Examples of applications:

  • Portioning
  • Cutting geometries, shapes and patterns
  • Realization on fresh or frozen products, delicatessen products


AXIOME pizza cutting

AXIOME brioche cutting

AXIOME sandwichs cutting

AXIOME fruits cutting

Advantages oriented towards the food industry:

  • Easy integration of waterjet technology into existing processes
  • Quick cutting
  • No direct contact with the product
  • No cutting effort
  • No deformations or crushing of the food product
  • Great flexibility and adaptability in the diversity of shapes to be cut
  • Technology adapted to all types of food, fresh or frozen

Compliance with agri-food industry standards (I.A.A.)

AXIOME fish cutting