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Article from Usine Nouvelle
SAFRAN and CEA-List are developing a robotic machine designed to digitize the surface inspection of aeronautical parts.
AXIOME will go to the COFREND in Marseille
The COFREND days, which will be held in Marseille from June 6 to 8, 2023, are an opportunity to discover industrial and scientific innovations and to meet robotics partners.
Palais des congrès de Lorient
AXIOME was at SAMPE 2023 for the technical days at the Palais des Congrès in Lorient. We were welcomed at the Palais des Congrès as well as at the submarine base! A very nice event!
AXIOME adapte ses machines aux fibres naturelles
AXIOME is adapting its machines to these new natural fiber materials. AXIOME's R&D projects make it possible to explore greener solutions in order to produce in a more responsible and sustainable way.
Publication JEC World magazine
AXIOME publie un article dans le JEC magazine 2022 sur les innovations et le contrôle non destructif ! Le Cobot YASKAWA installé à l'IRT Jules Verne à Nantes dans le cadre du projet COMETE en collaboration avec TESTIA, propose une solution de control non destructif pour des structures complexes.
IRT Jules Verne Nantes
FARAMIR is a R&D project in collaboration with the IRT Jules Verne based Nantes to work on tooling made thanks to additive manufacturing.
Magazine proxinnov
As a designer, manufacturer and integrator of robotic solutions, AXIOME occupies a key position in sectors such as aeronautics, automotive and mechanical engineering.
L'usine nouvelle projet FARAMIR
AXIOME develops the additive technology. The principle consists in printing a preform in a mineral material, then injecting resin into it to make it compact and solid, like a kind of ceramic.
Article robotique dans machine prduction magazine
En 2018, AXIOME a développé des moyens robotisés pour la validation des procédés et dévoile aujourd’hui son nouveau centre technique.
Découvrez la société AXIOME, son fonctionnement et son développement dans cette interview réalisée en Mars 2018 par Philippe Maindron pour le Mag Eco.
Machine AXIOME pour client GRUAU
Constructeur-Carrossier de renommée européenne, GRUAU a retenu l’intégrateur AXIOME pour la fourniture du robot indispensable à l’atteinte du capacitaire d’un marché très important pour le compte d’un constructeur automobile.
Magazine Eurotec
Pioneer in Europe for high-pressure water jet cutting technology, AXIOME has been designing and manufacturing robotic machines for cutting and deburring for 30 years.