Robotics. Sietar & Vti invests, innovates and grows

Machines AXIOME pour Sietar

Specialist in fluids and stainless steel industrial piping, it injects 650 000€ into a revolutionary robot unique in France. The company pushes the walls and invests in new markets.

A young forty-year-old on form
There are companies that push walls and investment. Like Sietar & Vti. Founded just forty years ago, the company, which specialises in fluid technology and stainless steel industrial piping, employs 39 people and continues to move forward. It has just injected the tidy sum of 650 000€ into a revolutionary cutting robot, unique in France, while expanding its premises.

Unique in France
A robot? "This is a unique robotic cell for 3D water jet cutting on tubes and ducts able to cut up to 1,200mm in diameter,” explains Jacques Boixel, Director. “This machine was developed, at our request, by AXIOME, a Vendée-region company. The ultra-high pressure water jet, at 4,000 bars, is a process invented by NASA for Apollo programs. Only two companies in the world, a Japanese Sugino and an American, are able to develop such pump systems.”

More accurate than laser
Until now, only lasers and fusion have been used to cut metals. "A process that induces a certain deformation of the original material. The ultra-high pressure water jet allows cold cutting without the slightest deformation of steel, stainless steel, polyethylene... No thickness limit, which was not the case before. This robot can also produce ultra-precise chamfers: then the welding is done manually.”

Remotely controllable
Integrated into the production site in December, the robot has already made it possible to produce a steam cylinder for the Sinutra boiler plant in Carhaix. In addition to the robot's feat in terms of quality and cutting speed, it can also be controlled remotely.

A design draftsman models the design of the cuts to be made beforehand and then triggers the automated operations. "We had previously had to subcontract to laser manufacturers," continues Jacques Boixel. “We dreamed of a material cutting system that would allow us to control our production. And this, in total autonomy in order to respond to orders placed by our customers.”

New markets in sight
Equipped with such a unique machine, Sietar & Vti can now target new markets, and not the least. "Our technology allows us to focus on the shipbuilding, petrochemical, renewable marine energy or nuclear industries and allows us to target new markets. The needs are there.”

Ouest France, 16/01/2015