AXIOME Robotic Solutions in the Proxinnov magazine

As a designer, manufacturer and integrator of robotic solutions, AXIOME occupies a key position in sectors such as aeronautics, automotive and mechanical engineering. The company robotizes the industry's production lines, thanks in particular to its cutting, deburring, surface treatment and non-destructive testing solutions. AXIOME, which innovates on a daily basis, presents 2 news items:

A multi-operations unit

Thanks to its experience, know-how and technical skills, AXIOME has designed and built a robotic cell combining cutting, clip installation and vision control. This high-tech machine is connected to the traceability system and the challenges of the industry of the future 4.0.

A new technical centre 

In consultation with its customers and thanks to the commitment of its employees, AXIOME has developed several state-of-the-art robotic cells. These machines carry out tests and pre-series under real conditions in order to validate the processes proposed by AXIOME for future industrialization. This technical centre has three cells. A mechanical milling and deburring cell. A fluid jet deburring cell, a pure and abrasive water jet cutting cell. These robotic means carry out tests or pre-series of cutting 3D parts of very varied materials (composites, stainless steel, titanium...).

Proxinov Magazine, com'on #5, 12/06/19