Multi-robot machines for composite cutting

To meet the requirements of manufacturers, particularly in the automotive or aeronautics industries, who wish to cut composite parts, Axiome has developed a new generation of robotic machines. "We are completing the development of a machine that mixes the cutting processes (milling and abrasive water jet) of composites and uses 4 synchronized robots," says Hervé Reigner of Axiome. These parts will be used in high-end electric cars.



A unique expertise in cutting.

Milling, laser, single or ultrasonic blade, deburring, AXIOME has a know-how that adapts to the requirements of the materials and parts to be cut. Wing portion, wind turbine blades, car doors or parts for the Swiss watch industry, Axiome works with large or miniaturized parts. "Robotics makes it possible not to freeze a machine's configuration," continues Hervé Reigner. “The design phase aims to identify the type of robot to be used. We always adapt our machines to a specific need." Few companies have AXIOME's expertise in trajectory tracking, cutting processes or parameter setting: the company offers services ranging from the design to the commissioning of its machines, not to mention their manufacture.

cellule robotisée AXIOME

Located in France, AXIOME is expanding internationally and delivers robotic machines throughout Europe, the United States, Mexico, Russia, Turkey and Asia (China, Thailand).

L'Usine Nouvelle, 21/02/13