AXIOME'S robots are on the move around the world

AXIOME is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of precision robotic machines, and has made a name for itself throughout the world.

AXIOME. For the Petit Robert dictionary, it is a "proposal considered obvious, accepted without demonstration". A tailor-made definition for this company from Aizenay of the same name, which since 1987 has been offering, designing and manufacturing robotic machines for a technology and precision industry. For 26 years now, Axiome has become a matter of course in the world of robotics. Its machines do almost everything. They cut and deburr using intelligent innovative and precise processes. Adjusted to the millimeter, Axiome's machines are the delight of many manufacturers all over the world. Each year, the 28 employees produce around fifteen machines ranging from 100,000 to one million euros. This allows the company to achieve a turnover of 6 million euros. In Mexico, the United States, Argentina, China, Russia, Turkey, and Europe... Axiom robots are in demand in all sectors of activity. In fact the small company have been able to specialize very early in a constantly evolving field. Its core business: inventing the machine that will optimize know-how in terms of quality, precision, repeatability and therefore profitability. With the added bonus of making work less strenuous. For some technologies, Axiome was a pioneer. Waterjet cutting, developed since 1989, has revolutionized the industry, which has been able to cut parts from 2D to 3D. 

Serving prestigious brands

The automotive world is one of the first sectors where the interest in using these robots was understood and represents 70% of Axiome's activity. Manufacturers like BMW trust the robots of Aizenay. They are not the only ones. Other sectors, such as Watchmaking quick understood the importance of having high quality machines. Luxury watch brands that can be bought at a high price have called on Axiome’s genius to refine the manufacture or handling of their parts. "Mechanics, food industry and aeronautics are other sectors that are becoming more robotic and are calling on us," says Patrick Seguin, CEO since 2001.

With this success, and faced with an industry that demands more and more precision with the development of composite materials, the small company, which joined the German Frimo group in 2004, needs more space. It has therefore just acquired a 9634 m2 piece of land in the Les Blussières business park. "At La Clairière, we have 650 m2 of workshop and 350 m2 of offices, explains Patrick Seguin. Our workshop is no longer adapted to the machines that we produce today, which are more and more voluminous. However, we and the Frimo group want to develop our activity, so we need to be bigger and more convenient". The company is focusing in particular on the booming aeronautics sector.

AXIOME's next premises will therefore cover 1500 m2, including 1000 m2 of workshop space. "The building will be 42 m long, 22 m wide and 10 m high, says the CEO. This will allow us to assemble several machines at the same time and it will also make our work easier because currently, when a machine is finished, you have to take it out first to be able to load it on a truck. In the new workshop, the truck will be able to enter the workshop directly and hoist the machines". The building permit has just been submitted. Patrick Seguin hopes to be able to start the construction by the end of the year for delivery in July 2014.


Stéphanie Hourdeau, Le Journal du Pays Yonnais, 23/10/13