AXIOME. A new location for the robot integrator

ROBOTIC - The manufacturer and integrator of robot is moving this summer on a new location in Aizenay. It invested nearly €2 million. 
In the cell, a first robot grabs a carbon fiber part, then to other robots drill it, then cut it to the right dimensions. This type of complete machine, composed of several articulated robots has been AXIOME’s specialty for more than 20 years. "Here, the carbon part will be used as a structural element for the electric car of a German manufacturer. Five times lighter, it will help reduce the vehicle's weight and therefore increase its range," explains Patrick Seguin, head of the Aizenay SME. A new technology as innovative as it is greedy in space. "These machines are 10 to 15 meters long and 60 m2 on the ground. Sometimes the overhead crane barely passes over," says Patrick Seguin.

Nearly €2M invested
In a tight space, AXIOME decided to invest (€1.5 million to €2 million) in a new, more spacious building. By July, its 28 employees will have moved into a new 1.500m2 building still located in Aizenay, in the Blussière area next to the future pharmaceuticals distributor building Cerp. This is also an asset for absorbing increasing orders. From 2012 to 2013, its turnover jumped from 4€ million to 6.7€ million (260.000 in net income). “Growth is misleading, as it is partly due to outstanding 2012 orders. If we smooth, we are at +10%”, says the manager. 

Subsidiary of the German group Frimo, manufacturer of complete lines for the automotive industry, 75% of AXIOME’s work is for the automotive equipment manufacturers (Faurecia, Bosch, etc.), as well as customers in the watchmaking and food industries. Less limited by the size of the parts to be manufactured, Patrick Seguin wishes to take advantage of his new tool to get in new markets, especially aeronautics. "Why not work on applications for wind turbine blades, aircraft components, boat parts... Anything is possible". Like his Vendée-region colleague Sepro, Axiome also experienced an air gap during the crisis. But only experienced one deficit year, before rebounding. "This is the advantage of working internationally (Editor's note: 75% of its turnover). Some countries have bounced back faster, such as Germany," says AXIOME’s president. “We have also extended our range to cleaning machines and more specific machines. But also our services, with solutions going from pre-study to the development of the machine concept with customers."

F.GJournal des Entreprises, 07/02/14