axiome programmation1

AXIOME carries out the programming of the parts to be cut or deburred on the robotic equipments, and trains the users of the machines to enable them make program changes directly on their applications.


For each part, programming includes the study of CAD files, off-line programming, programming and comminssioning on the production site (with tests).


Programming is carried out from the part itself or from CAD files.
Each program is linked to a specific part tooling.


In addition, AXIOME integrates specific equipments on the machines, according to the process, and uses new generation simulation and programming software to create trajectories and programs.





  • definition of trajectories on the workpiece,
  • ergonomic studies,
  • distance tool / workpiece (orientation, offset, etc..)
  • sequences,
  • adjustment of the robot program (dynamic parameters : speed, acceleration,..)
  • graphic simulation program with collision detection,
  • modifications of the machine automatism.




Adapted simulation software enable, from CAD files, to simulate and quickly generate trajectories in the robot language.

Simulation enables to estimate cycle times and thus to reduce programming time at the customer's site.

It also confirms the feasibility of the project.


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