Robot on linear axis

AXIOME manufactures equipments with robots on linear axis, for the abrasive water jet cutting of high-size tubes.





Main features


The cutting robot is mounted on a motorized axis enabling the cutting all along its surface (up to 6 m).

The cutting head is embedded on the robot that moves along the axis.

The equipment disfruits from an area for cutting the tubes (with positionning rollers, gear motor and encoder in automatic version, so that the tubes can rotate, enabling to achieve in a single production cycle holes, chamfers, bevels and other geometric shapes.

A second area is equipped with a tank and a grating framework for the 2D cutting.




Specificities that make the difference


  • high flexibility of the machine for the cutting of complex-shaped parts thanks to the linear axis,
  • several possible shapes : holes, ellipses, crowbars, bevelling, chamfers...,
  • several functions thanks to the axis :

          - cutting of tubes in  3D from 600 mm up to 6 meters-long,

          - diameters from 50 to 1 200 mm,

          - 2D metal sheet cutting,

  • easy use : user-friendly software for off-line programming,
  • possibility to set up the necessary devices to adapt the machine to your production needs,
  • higher accuracy compared to a manual preparation : it saves time for the operations that follow (welding for instance).






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Example of realization of robot on linear axis for the foundry industry