Waterjet cutting machines

The robotic water jet cutting is very popular because it can cut a wide range of materials and it presents many advantages.

Over 26 years of research and development in the high-tech sector of robotic waterjet cutting enable AXIOME to have a solid experience and a reference position on the market of  water jet cutting machines.


axiome machine robot decoupe jet eau


Principle of waterjet cutting


The principle of  robotic waterjet cutting consists in propelling water at a very high speed (600 to 900 m/s, i.e. 2 to 3 times the speed of sound). The water is compressed through a Very high Pressure pump (pressure between 2 000 and 4 000 bars), conducted towards an accumulator and then propelled through a nozzle Ø 0,10 to 0,4 mm.
The number of cutting heads, the pressure and the flow rate of each nozzle and the size of the robot are adapted according to the materials and the parts to be cut.


AXIOME waterjet cutting machines


axiome tete robot machine jet eauAXIOME adapts the cutting process according to the parts to be cut :


PURE WATERJET CUTTING is used for thin and soft materials,  plastics, carpets, foams, soundproofing materials, rubber, composites ...

ABRASIVE WATERJET CUTTING enables to cut hard materials : steel, titanium, aluminum, marble, glass or composite materials (carbon fiber, kevlar fiber ...), without thermal impact on the part as far as the cut is concerned.


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Specificities that make the difference


  • wide range of materials
  • implementation in waterjet cutting machines with one or several robots
  • no heat affected area
  • very thin jet
  • possibility to install the necessary peripherals on the machines according to your production needs.


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