Water jet cutting of composite parts

Manufacturers use more and more composite materials because of the advantages that they represent. They are lighter than traditional materials and  present interesting mechanical features.

For all these reaseons, and because the demand for machines able to cut composite materials is growing, AXIOME is changing its machine designs and offers solutions for cutting composite parts by water jet.


axiome milling of composite parts


Features of water jet machines to cut composite parts


axiome water jet head to cut composite parts
  • use of poly-articulated robots (single or multiple robots),
  • abrasive water jet cutting technology can by associated to milling or pure waterjet in a single machine,
  • cutting and trimming of complex-shaped parts,
  • immerged cutting possible (reduction of the noise emissions, easier recycling of the abrasive used)
  • technology adapted to several kind of materials.





Examples of applications of water jet cutting of composite parts


axiome water jet cutting of carbon part



  • abrasive water jet cutting of frame of vehicles made of carbon fiber,
  • composite suspension arm,
  • parts for mechanical connections,
  • abrasive water jet trimming of aeronautical structural parts,
  • ...




Examples of composites materials


  • carbon fiber,
  • fiberglass,
  • kevlar fiber,
  • flax fiber,
  • polyester,
  • NFPP (Natural Fiber Polypropylene),
  • NFPU (Natural Fiber Polyurethane),
  • hemp,
  • coco,
  • CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic),
  • CFK (Carbon-faserverstärker Kunstoff),
  • ...



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