Robotic machines for aeronautics

With a wide range of robotic machines, AXIOME can meet different needs of aeronautics. AXIOME robotics solutions enable to work on several materials such as titanium, Inconel, composite materials made of carbon fiber, Kevlar fiber, and many others.


Examples of applications for the aeronautics :



Abrasive water jet cutting machine for aeronautics :



Machine equipped with self-adaptative cutting system

  • machine equipped with a measuring system which enables to adapt the cutting trajectory according to the shape of the part,
  • water jet cutting,
  • water jet contouring,
  • and assembly of  plane heat echangers,
  • titanium and inconel parts.



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Milling machine for composite parts



Machine for the cutting, trimming, drilling of composite parts

  • robotic cell for machining by milling,
  • suitable for carbon-fiber materials,
  • machine equipped with dust extraction system,
  • possibility to trim high-sized parts.




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Machine combining water jet cutting and trimming by milling for the aeronautics :



Machine dedicated to the cutting of a wide range of composite parts.

  • cutting table  equipped with the technologies of water jet and of milling,
  • pure and abrasive water jet,
  • cutting,
  • trimming,
  • drilling,
  • several materials such as carbon, polypropylene, aluminium, etc…





Robotic machines of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) for aeronautics :


Robotic machine of Non Destructive Testing for carbon fiber aircraft parts :


  • the aim is to control the technical characteristics of parts without degrading them,
  • Implementation of multi-robots solutions to perform control operations on carbon fiber parts,
  • the integration of thermography cameras, combined with the specific functions of the robots allow to implement the Non Destructive Testing on an industrial scale on high-sized composite parts



Robotization of micro-drilling for aeronautics :


axiome machine robot percage


  • micro-drilling performed for acoustic effect





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