Pure waterjet cutting

Pure waterjet cutting is dedicated to a wide range of materials and can be implemented in machines with one or several robots.

The quantity of cutting heads, the pressure, the flow rate and the size of the robot are adapted according to the materials, and the parts to be cut.


AXIOME integrates the necessary devices in order to adapt the machines to your specific need of production, and thus improves the working conditions (humid atmosphere confinement, reduction of the noise level, automatic evacuation of the scraps, etc...)

Example of parts cut with pure waterjet :

Floor carpet, boot lining, bumpers, door panels, etc...


Materials :

Soft plastic, woodstock, rubber, foam, PP, etc...


Applications :

Waterjet  cutting : carpet and lining for the Peugeot 206 and 206 CC boot
Production on 4 machines equipped with 1 robot.

Cutting time of a carpet : 100 s
Production : 1300 vehicles / day


Floor carpet water jet cutting for FORD Mondeo
Production on 2 machines equipped with 2 robots on a seventh axis, flow of parts crossing the machine   
Cutting Time : 70 s / part with 2 robots
Production :  800 vehicles / day