Other robotic applications

Our expertise in robotics leads us to conceive with our customers alternative solutions including robotic processes such as :


  • flaming plastic parts before gluing or painting,
  • gluing parts,
  • gelcoating,
  • spray-up (resin and fiberglass),
  • control by robotic probe,
  • high-pressure cleaning,
  • control of parts with camera,
  •  …


axiome machine robot flammage___




It consists in embedding the tool at the end of the poly-articulated robot wrist and integrating all the necessary devices.

The role of AXIOME is to transform the robot and its tools into a real industrial machine for production, taking into account the constraints of the customers and the applicable standards.


axiome machine robot palpageaxiome machine robot encollageaxiome machine robot usinageaxiome machine robot projectionaxiome machine controle dataaxiome machine robot brossage_
probinggluingmachiningspray-updata readinggrinding


Video of flaming



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