Milling of composite parts

AXIOME robotics machines are suitable for the milling of composite materials. They can carry out several milling actions such as drilling, contouring, machining, or cutting. They enable to work on complex-shaped parts and on various composite materials.


axiome milling of composite parts


Features of machines to trim composite parts


axiome tete fraisage composite
  • use of poly-articulated robots,
  • miling tools adapted to the features of the composite part and accoding to the shapes to be cut,
  • automatic tool change possible,
  • cutting, trimming and machining of complex-shaped parts,
  • drilling of carbon parts,
  • machines layout adapted to the constraints of the composite materials (dust catching),
  • tools equiped with watering to cool the spindle,
  • program with several options according to the shapes of cut to be carried out.




Examples of applications of trimming of composite parts


axiome composite trimming



  • trimming of spas,
  • jacuzzis
  • shower cabins,
  • hulls of boats.
  • carbon bicycle frames,
  • ...





Examples of composites materials which can be trimmed by robotic milling


  • carbon fiber,
  • fiberglass,
  • kevlar fiber,
  • flax fiber,
  • polyester,
  • NFPP (Natural Fiber Polypropylene),
  • NFPU (Natural Fiber Polyurethane),
  • hemp,
  • coco,
  • CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic),
  • CFK (Carbon-faserverstärker Kunstoff),
  • ...


matiere carbone


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