Laser cutting or pitching machines


AXIOME develops robotic cutting and pitching machines.


axiome machine percage laser

Robotic cutting and pitching machines


The laser in robotic machines can be used for a wide range of applications.
The parts are hold by the robot in front of a laser equipped with a galvanometric head (scanner).
These robotic machines are used for high speed laser cutting or laser pitching with very thin grooves, on complex 3D shapes.
These machines can also be used for high speed perforation on interior vehicle parts (before vacuum covering). This technology has the highest flexibility ever known.




Robotic pitching/drilling  machines using a CO2 stationary laser.
Integration of a scanner head for high speed pitching (15 to 20 holes per second).
Laser pitching/drilling process is ideal for a very high quality of holes before vacuum covering : small diameter holes (a few 1/10 mm) .


Advantages of the process


  • total flexibility of the holes locations,axiome machine percage laser boitier
  • fast and easy adaptation of the shapes of the holes,
  • possibility to change the parameters of the laser hole per hole,
  • compact machines (peripheral equipments integrated), autonomous, and easy to set up, with smoke treatment system and cooler,
  • absolute security of the equipment (control of the access into the cell, automatic locking, and security elements integrated to the laser source),
  • user-friendly (2 levels of use : production and intervention : menus developed for the specific needs of the applications)