High pressure pumps for water jet

Ultra High Pressure Pumps : AXIOME pumps
AXIOME manufactures Ultra High Pressure Pumps for the water jet application.


axiome pompe haute pression 1Standard features of AXIOME Ultra High Pressure Pumps dedicated to water jet applications :


  • maximum pressure  : 4140 bar (60.000 psi),
  •  working pressure :  500 to 3500 bar (7.200 à 50.000 psi),
  •  max. flow rate : 10 l/min at 3500 bar,
  •  1  SUGINO intensifier , 1 UHP accumulator,
  •  soundproof casing,
  • safety valve for automatic bleed-down of the UHP circuit,
  • PLC controler : maintenance diagnosi, follow-up of the functioning through operator interface.




AXIOME machines can also integrate pumps of the KMT brand.


axiome pompe haute pression 2Extra Ultra High Pressure components :


  •  water jet cutting heads, specialy realized for a high number of opening/closing, with long-lasting time of components. Abrasive water jet cutting head for the cutting of composite parts (carbon fiber cutting for example),
  •  diamant or saphire nozzles, with life times which can reach more that 1000 hours,
  •  specific realizations for piping, assembling, multi-nozzles, ...
  •  spare parts.



Our team of specialists of the high pressure technology is at your disposal.