Deburring machines

Since its creation, AXIOME has been developping numerous robotic deburring machines, above all in the mechanics sectors such as watch-making and automobile. Thanks to this experience, AXIOME manufactures equipments still more powerful, recognized by their users.


axiome machine robot ebavurage 3


The principle of deburring process


It consists in spraying a fluid (water or oil) at a pressure between 300 and 3 500 bar, depending on the material to be deburred.

It removes burrs left after the machining process, and enables the cleaning of the surface or holes of the parts.

The use of a 6-axis robot enables to access areas which can be difficult to reach, or small diameters holes.

According to the type of materials to deburr, AXIOME proposes two technologies :


  • Very High Pressure deburring (with water or oil), for relatively soft materials (aluminum alloy, copper, brass, ...). Deburring machines are equipped with a Triplex pump (pressure up to 60l/min), fix or rotative jet head,
  • Ultra High Pressure deburring for hard materials (stainless steel, hardened steel...). Pressure from 1 000 to 3 500 bar. Deburring machines are then equipped with a UHP pump (pressure up to 3 500 bar, flow rate up to 5l/mn, fix jet-head ).


Deburring head


axiome tete robot ebavurageThe deburring head can be fix or rotated by a pneumatic motor.


  • heads especially manufactured for the deburring process, with long service life in extreme use of components,
  • diamant nozzles, sapphire, ou carbide
  • specific canulas


The advantages of the process


  • axiome tete ebavurage jet fixe6accessibility in areas difficult to reach, or in small-diameter holes,
  • no thermal effects on parts
  • high quality deburring thanks to the control of the deburring pressure,
  • high quality deburring and improving the cleanliness of the deburred parts,
  • no marks and scraps on the deburred surface,
  • respect of the environment by not using solvants or chemicals products.


Specificities that make the difference


axiome machine robot ebavurage 4The robotic deburring technology provides great flexibility (accessibility of the part, quick change of production ...).


The use of a poly-articulated robot provides a high reliability for productions in 3 teams/7 days a week.

This technology can be used for  a wide range of materials and can be implemented in cells with one or more robots.


AXIOM has acquired 25 years of experience in this technology and is able to optimally adapt its machines to suit your specific needs and enable you to improve your productivity.







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