Cutting machines for high-sized parts

AXIOME has also distinguished in the robotization of high-sized parts and manufactures trimming machines for industries such as aeronautics, or the in-land transport (rail, heavy vehicles). Thanks to its experience in robotics, AXIOME proposes adapted technical solutions to cut large parts by adding extra functions or axes (translation, linear or rotary). So we can now robotize operations which were only carried out by hand up to now.


axiome machine decoupe piece grande dimension



Applications of robotic trimming of high-sized parts :



Robotic trimming machines equipped with rotative axes : 

The part to be trimmed is placed on a rotative table (rotation up to 360°). The robot can thus work all around the part to carry out drilling, contouring, cutting.

Robot placed on a linear axis :
The robot is mounted on a motorized axis, and enables to cut the part on all its length and enables bevelling, chamfering and other cut-shapes
The cutting head is embedded on the robot.





Examples of trimming of big parts :


  • wind turbine blades,
  • tractors or trucks cabs,
  • boat hulls,
  • crown gear for the aviation industry,
  • pipes, tubes, cylindres
  • etc...



Specificities that make the difference


  • accessibility of the machine to cut complex-shaped parts (chamfers, bevelling, etc...),
  • possibility to change the tools to carry out several operations,
  • easy and affordable use : simple off-line programming,
  • possibility to install the necessary peripheral in order to adapt the machine to your production needs,
  • higher precision compared to manual preparation : time saved for the operations that come after (weldings for instance)



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