Blade and ultrasonic trimming machines

The blade and ultrasonic trimming technology is ideal for applications dedicated to the cutting of skins, films, foams in 3D…
The blades used can be configured in high frequency vibration for an easier cut.
This cutting process is fast, clean, robust and with low running costs.

axiome machine robot decoupe lame_4



The robotic cells are based on polyarticulated robots using a high frequency generator, or a simple blade.
Machines with one or several robots (STAUBLI, ABB…) according to the production volumes requested (can be used non-stop in 3 shifts).

Average cutting speeds : from 50 to 250 mm/sec

AXIOME developed automatic blade changing systems, allowing the cell to work in an autonomous way.
The robot can detect the broken blades. He rejects them and loads a new tool to continue the production.

The integration of ultrasound blades on robots enables to cut many materials, such as 'dry' composites (carbon fiber fabrics for example), or prepregs.


Advantages of the process


  • axiome tete robot decoupe lamecontrol of the cutting depth, with different possible accuracy levels,
  • low running costs (few wear parts) and rapid pay-back on investment,
  • fastness (cutting effort reduced when using the ultrasonic technology),
  • cleanliness of the process (no dust, no chips),
  • robust process (no tool in motion, autonomous functionning)