Automation of Non Destructive Testing - NDT

AXIOME offers expertise in design and manufacturing of automated systems and has formed a strategic collaboration with Thermal Wave Imaging, Inc. (TWI), the world’s leading expert and innovators in advanced, automated Infrared Thermography NDT, to supply integrated solutions.


The TWI approach


In pulsed thermography, a heat source such as a brief pulse of light is used to heat the surface of a sample, while an infrared camera records changes in the surface temperature. As the sample cools, the surface temperature is affected by internal flaws such as disbonds, voids or inclusions, which obstruct the flow of heat into the sample.


Flash thermography, combined with TWI's Thermographic Signal Reconstruction® (TSR®) method provides the fastest, most quantifiable and repeatable approach to thermography for NDT. For many applications, TWI pulsed/TSR systems have proved to be viable, cost effective replacements for other conventional NDT technologies.


axiome CND 1

Image courtesy Thermal Wave Imaging

Automated Go/No Go Inspection


IR NDT Applications for composites, metals, ...


Delamination – Bond Integrity – Impact Damage – Corrosion – Trapped Water – Porosity – Cooling Hole/Channel Blockage – Size/Depth Measurement – Thermal Diffusivity


Why robotizing Non Destructive Testing


Inspection benefits:


  • rapid,
  • non-contact,
  • complex geometry,
  • large area,
  • and repeatable.




  • aerospace,
  • aeronautics,
  • power generation,
  • automotive.


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