Abrasive waterjet cutting

The principle of  abrasive waterjet cutting consists in spraying abrasive at a very high speed on the material to be cut.

The water is compressed at 2000 to 4000 bars in order to propel the abrasive which will cut the most hard materials.


The complete system of abrasive cutting includes :

  • a hopper for storage of the abrasive,
  • an intermediate storage hopper (mounted close to the head),
  • a system of abrasive dosing, a piping for transporting abrasive to the head,
  • a head specially dedicated for abrasive containing a nozzle,
  • a mixing chamber operating by Venturi effect,
  • a tungsten carbide focusing tube.  



AXIOME waterjet cutting machines are based on the use of polyarticulated robots or 2 or 3 axes tables. It is possible to combine the technology of pure waterjet with abrasive waterjet in the same equipment.

Example of parts trimmed by abrasive waterjet cutting :

Metallic and reinforced seals, mirror making, stone-parts, etc...


Materials :

Composites, carbon fibre, glassfiber, kevlar, prepregs fabrics, laminates, etc...,

Plastic and rubber,

Minerals such as marble, stone, ceramics, etc...,

Metals : steel, aluminium, copper, brass, titanium, bronze, special metals (ferrites, tungsten, molybdenum, nickel) ...


Applications :

Robotic cutting by abrasive waterjet of thermic exchangers made of alu and inox, for the aeronautics,

Cutting of carbon firber specimen with a cutting table combining pure and abrasive waterjet technlogy, together with milling,

Cutting and drilling of structural parts made of carbon fiber for the automobile industry. Production on a machine equipped with abrasive waterjet and drilling by milling.