High pressure abrasive waterjet cutting machine for pipes and tubes

Découpe de tuyau au jet d'eau abrasif

In order to cut quickly and easily cylindrical parts of high length, the robot is mounted on a horizontal motorized axis. While the positioning rollers make the tube rotate around its revolution axis, the robot can move from one end to the other of the cylinder. The cutting head, mounted on the robot, can thus access quickly to the whole surface of the tube in one cycle time. The poly-articulated robot enables to have the 3D cutting angle vary and to carry out all kinds of geometrical shapes in several materials.


Advantages of the solution


  • Quickness : all operations are done in one single cycle,
  • Greater accuracy compared to human abilities,
  • Better quality of the surface of the edges after cutting,
  • Versatility : cutting of tubes from 0.6 to 6 meters, diameter from 50 to 1200 mm,
  • 3D cutting of all kind of geometrical shapes, round holes, ellipses, chamfers, grooves…,
  • Easy programming.


The features of the robotic cutting machines are more detailed on

  robot on linear axis